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Performance Report

In 2023, the international Swiss economy was marked by the global economic slowdown. Nevertheless, S-GE recorded high activity among Swiss companies, with demand for support services once again on the rise. In terms of investment promotion, thanks to a qualitative growth strategy, innovative leading companies were able to settle in Switzerland in a targeted manner, despite the increasing pressure on the country as a business location. S-GE was able to respond effectively to changing customer needs, in particular, systematically expanding and improving its digital solutions.

2023 saw many Swiss companies wanting to broaden their global value chain. Our support was in particularly high demand, for example, in the local market and in the search for business partners.

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Anja FiedlerHead of Export PromotionSwitzerland Global Enterprise

National investment promotion focuses on companies that are leaders in innovative ecosystems. Among other things, thanks to them, Switzerland remained the most innovative country in the world in 2023.

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Patrik Wermelinger Head of Investment PromotionSwitzerland Global Enterprise

Export Promotion

Increasing Demand in a Complex Environment

Internationally active companies were able to build on a good order situation in 2023. Due to the persistently challenging market environment, S-GE has witnessed a strong trend among companies to diversify their value chain. As such, S-GE assisted many companies with entries into new markets or advised them on establishing a local presence. Companies were concerned about rising inflationary pressure abroad, geopolitical tensions, and increasing regulatory density in key target markets, leading to a higher demand for the services of S-GE:

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2019 4'824
companies supported
In 2023, S-GE supported 5,711 companies (previous year: 5,547) – for 136 countries. This marks an increase in demand compared to 2019 (4,824), i.e. compared to the end of the last performance period. See where we support Swiss companies.


S-GE relies on a needs-based approach and has flexibly adapted its services in view of the challenging environment of recent years. This resulted in delightfully high impact figures of 88 percent in 2023 – an increase from the previous year (86%) and compared to 2019 (85%).


Customers are satisfied with the services provided by S-GE, with a satisfaction rate of 95 percent. This represents an increase compared to the previous year (94%), and also compared to the previous performance period (90% in 2019).
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Top 3

USA, Germany, UAE
Our customers requested support in 2023 for the US, German, and United Arab Emirates markets more than any others. In total, S-GE supported Swiss companies in 136 countries.


business opportunities in the GoGlobal Cockpit
S-GE continued to expand its digital services last year and recorded an increasing demand in this area. This was reflected, among other things, in the higher number of users of the digital service platform GoGlobal Cockpit (+47 percent compared to the previous year), where customers can find an average of around 65,000 business opportunities (previous year: 35,000).
Karin Taheny

We combine our digital tools and personal advice to support customers seamlessly and individually on their path to internationalization. We use curated data to effectively link them to suitable business partners, projects, and markets while ensuring a high level of service quality.

Karin TahenyChief Digital + Technology OfficerSwitzerland Global Enterprise

An Insight into the Highlights of the Past Year

Investment Promotion

Targeted Settlement Strengthens Swiss Innovation

In 2023, Switzerland proved to be an attractive business location, particularly for world-leading companies in technology and innovation. The strategic focus of national investment promotion on future technologies was therefore met with renewed confirmation. The targeted settlement of innovation leaders strengthens Swiss innovation and with it, the competitiveness of the Swiss economy as a whole. At the same time, the pressure on Switzerland as a business location is steadily increasing. Concerns from interested companies, such as lack of access to the EU market and research programs, were addressed even more specifically in last year’s investment promotion activities.

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settlement and innovation projects
In 2023, S-GE was able to convince 107 international companies to consider locating in Switzerland, together with the cantons, regions, and innovation parks (previous year: 129 / 2021: 106). This decline in the last year corresponds to the new quality strategy of national investment promotion (targeted settlement of innovation leaders with high added value).


with future technologies
56 percent of all interested companies had a connection to future technologies, particularly in the fields of personalized health and artificial intelligence (previous year 65%).
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Top 3

USA, Japan, South Korea
… were the top 3 countries of origin for settlement and innovation projects in 2023
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foreign ecosystems covered
The Swiss Business Hubs work abroad with leading technology associations and other players in local innovation ecosystems and establish high-quality partnerships. This increases the reach of investment promotion and boosts the chance of settlement projects with high added value.

An Insight into the Highlights of the Past Year

Members + Partners

Valuable Memberships and Partnerships

As an association, S-GE has an important platform function and provides internationally active entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with valuable networking opportunities and regular personal exchange. More than 2,100 members make up the foundation of S-GE and the Swiss Export Community. These include companies as well as private sector and institutional organizations.

Other key pillars of S-GE and Swiss export and investment promotion are the extensive network of partners in Switzerland and around 130 countries around the world, as well as the associated cooperations in service provision. More information about the S-GE network.



S-GE further expanded its membership program in 2023 and was able to gain 145 new members (previous year: 73). More about the membership at S-GE.
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joint initiatives with Swiss partners
S-GE once again strengthened its cooperation with partners:  In 2023, S-GE implemented 67 joint initiatives (such as joint events) with various partners in Switzerland in the area of export promotion (previous year: 61).


of all consulting projects with partners
Out of all S-GE consulting projects in export promotion, 65% were carried out jointly with partners in Switzerland and abroad in 2023 (previous year: 61%).
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Regardless of the sector, global companies often face similar questions and challenges. S-GE creates a valuable platform for actively exchanging experience, which we can benefit from as a member.

Eveline FinkExport ManagerJURA Elektroapparate AG