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In Brief

Outlook 2024+

The environment for internationally active Swiss companies will remain challenging in 2024. Geopolitical tensions have further increased, and flare-ups in conflict could lead to renewed supply chain disruptions at any time. Moreover, soaring global interest rates have increased macroeconomic risks against the backdrop of high debt in many places. S-GE does not expect to see strong growth in the global economy and international trade in 2024. In light of this, S-GE anticipates low demand from its customers for new internationalization projects, yet continued high demand for information and support from the companies.

Export Promotion

Diversification Remains Important

Internationally active Swiss SMEs are generally set to face weak foreign demand in 2024. Meanwhile, the high level of public investment in infrastructure and energy efficiency in many countries offers interesting prospects in individual markets and niches. Against this backdrop, it is becoming increasingly important to identify and exploit concrete market opportunities in order to achieve international success. Due to geopolitical tensions, the diversification of company value chains, especially for critical components and raw materials, also remains of high importance.

With this in mind, S-GE is setting priorities in the following areas, among others in 2024:

  • Strengthening its global advisory approach
  • Expanding sector-oriented funding activities
  • Continuing to integrate sustainability into our core business
Simone Lalive

Customer needs change rapidly in times of crisis. That is why we continually adapt the services we offer and set targeted priorities each year for the benefit of our customers.

Simone Lalive d’EpinayChief Corporate Services + Development OfficerSwitzerland Global Enterprise

Investment Promotion

Future Demand for the Advantages of Swiss Locations

Rising geopolitical tensions are leading foreign companies to rethink and rebuild their global footprints. Aside from the availability of talent, stability and reliability are becoming increasingly important factors when choosing a location. Switzerland is well positioned to play a leading role in this development. However, there is a risk that the country’s relationship with the EU, which remains unresolved, may undermine its attractiveness as a location for foreign investors. Overall, Switzerland should retain its appeal as a business location. S-GE and its partners are focusing their national investment promotion efforts on innovative and value-added locations that will strengthen Switzerland as a location for business and innovation in the long term.

With this in mind, S-GE is setting priorities in the following areas, among others in 2024:

  • Focusing on five innovation ecosystems (networks in the areas of Future of Health, Digital Worlds, Automation, Food and Finance) for targeted market development in ten focus markets
  • Strengthening digital marketing to ensure promotion of Switzerland as a leading technology and innovation location

SME Export Sentiment

Semi-annual Survey of Swiss Companies

Foreign trade is vastly important for the Swiss economy: it accounts for more than one-third of Switzerland’s total economic value creation.

Switzerland Global Enterprise has created an index that depicts the sentiment of Swiss SMEs in international business. S-GE publishes the “SME Export Sentiment” study twice a year. This provides an insight into global sales prospects and enables S-GE to target its offers and set priorities that will support its customers internationally in the best possible way.

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